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LUCID is a social platform that helps individual investors who want to control their financial lives, to collectively analyze the real life results of investment strategies, and turn self-managed portfolios into personalized automated trading systems.

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Make Logic, Understandable and Coherent Investment Decisions

The LUCID platform helps you analyze the true performances of investment strategies as experienced & traded live by friends, families and other LUCID Investors. Learn from these unique insights, build your own trading plan and automate its execution in your broker account. Don't forget to share back with the community!

Invest with Purpose

Reconcile strategies performances to individual wealth plans

Anytime, Anywhere

Rebalance your portfolio, via mobile and any connected device

Invest, don't speculate

Execute on tactical asset allocation strategies, and follow a course certain to work reasonably well

Security by-design

Built on Google Cloud Run, enabling ephemeral, sandoxed & scalable 12-Factor apps, following established security by-design principles

No Lock In

With an Open Core based on Backtrader, DIY investors can review public strategies source code and run them on self-managed Backtrader solutions.

Increase your Circle of Competence

Learn from other LUCID Investors, increase familiarity with model portfolios, reconcile live & historical performances and share your experience.

Pricing Plans

What we do

LUCID combines everything needed to access broker accounts, enter and complete trading orders, ultimately to focus on personalized investment planning. We make investing in financial markets more intuitive for individual investors, to deliver on their plans with discipline.

Make well-researched asset allocation strategies accessible and executable

It's all about time ... Forgetting to rebalance is one of the costliest mistakes an investor can make.

We facilitate a disciplined & emotion-less execution on investment plans by automating the rebalancing of asset allocation strategies. Strategies reproduce articles from the financial & quantitative finance literature, much like those accessible to high-net-worth or institutional investors.

Automate trading order execution

Simple but not easy ... Managing bid/ask slippage for liquid or thinly traded stocks & recalculating order size accordingly is prone to errors

We implement an optimal limit-order price strategy for fast order execution from a risk management perspective. Trading orders sizes are recalculated from real-time bid/ask prices, to rapidly execute on asset allocation orders, and prevent the risk of long periods of "no fill" affecting sell-then-buy order flows, and prevent buying-on-margin.

Planned and upcoming features

We're working on designing the service and building features that allow individual investors to tailor investment plans to portfolio growth and changes in risk profiles.

Linking Broker Accounts

Testing live

Interactive Brokers Canada is the first brokerage to be supported by LUCID. A "second user access" account will be required for LUCID to operate, yet you retain full authority with your 2-Factor-Authentication smartphone.

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Does creating a second user access prevent you from using LUCID ?

Would you disable 2FA, and provide LUCID full authority to automate live trading ?

Automate Manual Portfolio

Testing live

Create a manual portfolio (MP) with selected stocks/ETFs, Link broker accounts to MP, and manually set the desired allocations. LUCID then automatically rebalances your account with 1-click.
MP enable executing on trade signals from 3rd-party providers. MP cannot be backtested in LUCID.

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Do you use a mix of stocks & ETFs in your portfolio?

Do you have a dividend growth sub-strategy as part of your portfolio?

multi-currency management


Automate currency conversions, Keep currency separated to buy without borrowing, Maintain a small cash reserve to avoid margin calls.

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Do you manage assets across currencies in a single broker account ?

Do you intend to be all invested at all times ?

Automate Strategic Asset Allocation


Create a strategic model portfolio (SMP) with particular assets, Associate assets to manually selected stocks/ETFs, Link broker accounts to SMP, and set fixed weights to each asset. LUCID then automatically rebalances your account with 1-click.
SMP can be backtested in LUCID.

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Do you use any of the following strategies ?

Is backtesting an important feature for you?

Execute Tactical Asset Allocation


Follow tactical model portfolios (TMP) with transparent rules that actively adjust assets weights based on short or medium-term expectations for economic conditions, market cycles, etc., Link broker accounts to TMP, and Let LUCID automatically apply these rules to rebalance your account with 1-click.
TMP can be backtested in LUCID.

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Do you currently apply a tactical asset allocation strategy in your portfolio ?

Do you trust peer-reviewed TAA strategies published in the quantitative finance literature?

Share & Analyze Performances with the community


See who follows which portfolios, Compare live results of LUCID investors to original portfolio performances, find community members with investing patterns similar to you and collectively identify relevant strategies for your goals & risk/reward profiles.

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Would you publicly share your investing information in a de-identified way?

Is there value in qualifying LUCID members (e.g. CFA, professional quants)?

Frequently Asked Questions


Are you a regulated broker-dealer in Canada?

No. We have built the LUCID platform to interoperate with Order Execution Only ("OEO") services; LUCID operates as an automated rebalancing tool on top of regulated broker-dealer OEO platforms that allow clients to trade in securities independently, without any recommendations or suitability assessment.


Do you generate revenue from payment for order flow ("PFOF")?

No, as we are not a broker-dealer. We currently generate revenue from clients' subscriptions.


Do you provide trading advise, or recommendations?

No. We facilitate access to Limited Model Portfolio for individuals to further execute on.


What is a Limited Model Portfolio ("LMP")?

LMP are a subset of model portfolios that are well-researched, broadly published and easily accessible to investors; LMP have the particularity to be limited to class of investors (not tailored to an individual), class of assets, and industry sectors, without referencing specific securities or issuers.
For example, consider the traditional 60/40 Stock/Bond LMP; Stock could be represented by any S&P500 ETF, while Bond could be represented by any treasury bond ETF. While the choice of particular ETFs remains with each investor, LUCID facilitates that decision making process, and further automate its execution.


What is LUCID open-core model? What is Backtrader?

Backtrader is an open source algorithmic trading platform. It enables live trading and backtesting strategies written in Python and has an active community of 7,000+ financial quantitative users.
LUCID follows an open-core business model, contributing to Backtrader while enhancing it with proprietary add-ons bundled in a commercial Software-as-a-Service offering.


Can I really use Backtrader independently of LUCID to live trade public strategies accessible on LUCID?

Yes. Our objective is to prevent any vendor lock-in. Yet, it will be your responsibility to code all software necessary to manage & orchestrate all aspects of trading orders flow and execution.


Do you contribute to the Open Core project?

Yes. We have forked Backtrader in LUCID'S public Algorithmic Trading Library, and contribute our modifications there while maintaining alignment with Backtrader & Backtrader2 releases.


What brokerages are supported?

Interactive Brokers Canada is the first brokerage platform integrated with LUCID. It provides an ultra-low commission access to international markets, and a complete application programming interface ("API") for building custom trading applications.
Additional brokerages will be supported.

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